Monthly COVID-19 Safety Kit


A vital selection of products for simple hygiene and cleanliness in a large variety of working environments, whether for office workers or those out in the field.

Package Items Include:
• 1 x Roll of Blue Paper 40M
• 1 x Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray 150ml
• 1 x Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel 200ml (Alcohol Content 75%)
• 50 x Surgical Masks Type II
• 1 Box x Vinyl Gloves (100 pieces)
• Compact CV-19 Storage Box


Have other requirements? You also have the opportunity to Build your own COVID-19 Safety Kit.

Specify additional/replacement items you require:

• Anti-Bacterial Wipes
• Disposable Overalls
• FFP2 or FFP3 Face Masks
• Goggles/Glasses
• Branded Social Distancing Hi-Viz Vests/Jackets
• Specify what quantities you require