Electrical Lockout Kit

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Electrical Lockout Kit

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A slightly larger kit designed for 2 man teams and electricians working on multiple items of equipment. Please note the plug/pneumatic lockout does not fit inside the pouch but is recommended as an essential lockout product.

1 x Belt pouch (LOK072)
2 x Safety padlocks (blue & red) (LOK010 & LOK007)
2 x Non-conductive hasp (LOK046)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin in' (LOK021)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin out' (LOK020)
1 x MCB lockout 'Pin out wide' (LOK022)
2 x Universal MCB lockout (LOK043)
1 x Pack (10) of 'Do not operate' tags (LOK050)
1 x Large plug / Pneumatic lockout (LOK030)
1 x Ultra-fine permanent pen (TGPEN01)

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