Choosing the Correct Arc Flash PPE

Choosing the correct Arc Flash PPE

ARC Flash Clothing
Most people that work with electricity are well aware of the danger that an Arc Flash incident possess. Whilst, they may recognise that they need to wear PPE when working in those environments where there is the potential for an Arc Flash to occur, very few are actually aware of what the requirement are.
Matching Arc Flash PPE to the risk

Matching your Arc Flash PPE to the risk

Regardless of the industry, PPE is often seen as the very last line of defence for workers and yet it is often the difference between a ‘near miss’ and a serious injury or even a fatality. It is because of the incredible protection which PPE offers, that employers are required by law to provide it to their staff when working in environments that are potentially hazardous.  
Tools & Policies To Mitigate Against Risk

Tools & Policies To Mitigate Against Risk

Tool and Policies

If your engineers are working within an environment where they are exposed to the risk of an arc flash, then there are a number of things that an employer can do in order to reduce the frequency, severity, and harmfulness of an electrical explosion.

From safety policies to training posters, there are a number of ways to reduce the exposure to a dangerous event.

Man Carrying Out Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis: The Complete Step by Step Guide

Arc Flash Analysis
In order to properly identify and calculate Arc Flash Incident Energy we have created a step by step guide highlighting what needs to be completed, what the process looks like, and how to keep the model up to date.
Arc Flash Risk Assessment

How to perform an Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Arc Flash Risk Assessments

An Arc Flash Risk Assessment is the overall process that identifies hazards, estimates the potential severity of injury or damage to health, estimates the likelihood of occurrence of injury or damage to health, and determines if protective measures are required.

The 4 main steps to consider when performing an Arc Flash Risk Assessment.


9 ways to keep your PPE garments in top condition

Arc Flash Clothing
PPE that isn’t properly stored, cleaned, and maintained can become worn or damaged, increasing your chances of being vulnerable to a risk. Follow these tips to reduce that risk:
PPE Categories Explained

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Categories explained

Arc Flash Training

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulation is a European one but it is one of the most stringent enforcement regulation relating to PPE in the world which is why the level of European PPE compliance is typically very high, especially relating to the Category 3 (Complex) which Arc Flash Protective Clothing is in. 

This blog will explain the purpose, scope and timescale of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation. 

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How to get the most out of your Arc Flash clothing

Arc Flash Clothing

If you are investing in arc flashing clothing to wear in the workplace, you want to be sure that you are using it as effectively as possible in order to maximise the benefits of the gear. 

Arc clothing can help to keep you warm, protected and comfortable while you are carrying out daily tasks in your job, but it pays to know how to use it well to get the most out of what you buy.

This blog will give tips and ideas that will help you get the most out of your arc clothing.

Electrical Safety Do's and Dont's

Electrical Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Arc Flash Safety
Our Top 20 Electrical Safety Do's and Don'ts. Most electrical accidents occur because people are working on or near equipment that is either thought to be dead or thought to be live but those involved don’t have the necessary training or equipment to take suitable precautions.