About Us 

Here at SKANWEAR we’re committed to delivering electrical safety personal protective equipment (PPE) that matches the demands of your job. Our innovative, high quality clothing items and accessories provide you with the protection you need to safeguard against the devastating effects of electric shock and arc flash.

Combining a passion for ensuring everyone potentially working with live electricity has access to the correct protection with decades operating in the sector, you know you can rely on each of our products. SKANWEAR was launched in 1989 and over the years our focus has shifted after identifying a gap in the market. We are now leaders in PPE, saving lives globally as a result. Our constant development led to the creation of the STRATA brand, bringing you durable, professional, and protected clothing built for environments where there is a risk of arc flash or fire. 

We support businesses too. We recognise the challenges of ensuring that all your employees are adequately protected at all times. Our management and e-ordering tool Safeline allows you to take full control of your PPE inventory and purchases. Giving you a platform to order items from 24 hours a day, our efficient team ensure that your staff quickly have supplies they need to carry out work safely. 

CEO Richard Long

(Richard Long, CEO)

Saving lives influences everything we do. Underpinning all our work are our key values of safety, customer care, industry knowledge, and innovation. 

Committed to safety 

As suppliers of PPE, safety is paramount to our brand. Whether you’re working in a hot or cold environment, we guarantee that our versatile products will meet your expectations when it comes to safety. Fully certified and meeting local regulations, you have instant peace of mind whenever you use SKANWEAR items.

Delivering exceptional care 

We understand our customers. Our customer care is what sets us apart from rivals and guarantees that we’ll meet your demands. Our products aren’t only made to be of superior quality but we understand the importance of comfort. Our extensive collection of professional clothing means you can pick out the pieces that best matches your job and environment.

Backed by specialist knowledge 

Over the years we’ve built up an impressive level of knowledge about the electrical safety sector. Combined with our passion, the result is an enviable amount of insight that our customers can benefit from. Whether you’re looking for specialist advice or the next product, our team is there to help you.

Always developing

We don’t just focus on generating sales but on creating solutions with our customers in mind. We’re constantly innovating and working with leading experts to take our products to the next level.


We ship globally! We now have the opportunity to ship to 76 countries to ensure each person working on live or potentially live electrics can perform their tasks without the worry of being unprotected in the event of an arc flash. To ensure we can help as many people as possible we have extended our office locations, we are currently based in; United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden.