Safeline Screen

Safeline®  - Total Safety Management

Available to all clients is our fully integrated online ordering system. 

Safeline® is SKANWEAR's global customer web portal with the ability to be designed specifically to match the bespoke requirements of your company. It includes your company logo, only your agreed products and can be managed by both your company’s users and SKANWEAR.

Each member of your team can have their own login and password to order individual safety clothing and PPE from an approved range of products. They can navigate the portal in their own language and at anytime of day or night.

Safeline® gives you the control to set authorisation levels so individuals can order online and purchase with your permission. 

Orders are tracked online so you can easily view the stage your clothing is at, with vast reporting facilities and detailed product information included. The online ordering system gives you the power to track individual spend, depot spend, product style, quantity, spend reports and more. 

Safeline® gives you greater control of your company purchases and the monitoring of your individual safety clothing and PPE needs, as well as complete traceability of exactly what each and every wearer within your organisation has been supplied over a chosen date range - ultimate safety control!

Safeline® delivers:

  1. Control of image
  2. Control of expenditure
  3. Control of products
  4. Consistency of image
  5. Consistency of compliance
  6. Consistency of pricing
  7. Cost savings
  8. Supply Chain Efficiency
  9. Easy ordering
  10. Detailed reporting