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Our STRATA Friends are a diverse and inclusive group of skilled workers located globally who rely on arc flash protective clothing to make their job as safe as possible. By listening, interacting and engaging with the community we improve how effective our STRATA® products are out in the field.

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Electrical Safety in Wind Turbines

Electrical Safety in Wind Turbines

Safety in and around a Wind Turbine Generator is exacerbated for the following reasons: 

  • The remoteness of most turbines to medical facilities means that any accident that may require hospitalisation can quickly turn catastrophic due to the time taken from the time of accident/injury to the time of receiving professional medical assistance.
  • The confined space. Within most wind turbines, the electro-mechanical parts of a wind turbine generator are typically in very confined spaces, further compounded by multiple people being in an area at one time and exit routes often tricky to negotiate. In the event of any incident, the path of escape/exit is not straight forward.
The Arc Flash Risk in Electric Metering

The Arc Flash Risk in Electric Metering

There are millions of electricity meters across each country around the world. The quality of these meters vary from very modern installations to very old assets which are deteriorating.

One important fact:  there are certain activities undertaken by a meter operator that can only be conducted ‘live and it’s important if you are responsible for people working with electricity and gas meters for that matter of the inherent arc flash risks.

Mental Health Awareness Month: The unspoken effects of an Arc Flash

Mental Health Awareness Month: The unspoken effects of an Arc Flash

Anyone who has worked within the electrical services industry will be well aware of the physical dangers of an arc flash incident – around 40% are fatal. However, very few of these same workers are aware that a consequence of experiencing an electrical explosion is post-traumatic stress and even depression / anxiety.

Featured in this is a list of charities and support groups who focus on supplying engineers and construction workers with the advice, training and more.