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Working on or near live or potentially live electricity?

We work tirelessly to ensure engineers in the Energy Sector go home safe.

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Our STRATA Friends are a diverse and inclusive group of skilled workers located globally who rely on arc flash protective clothing to make their job as safe as possible. By listening, interacting and engaging with the community we improve how effective our STRATA® products are out in the field.

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Arc Flash Warning Labels

Arc Flash Warning Labels

Also sometimes referred to as electrical equipment hazard labels or arc flash stickers, arc flash warning labels provide workers with important information relating to voltages or about the potential of an electrical explosion occurring.

These labels give an indication as to the level of PPE and arc flash clothing that needs to be worn in order to stay safe whilst working on or near a particular piece of equipment.
What are Arc Flash Clothes made of?

What are Arc Flash Clothes made of?

There are currently three different types of Arc rated flame resistant (FR) fabrics available on the market - treated inherently FR fabrics, inherently FR fabrics, and treated non-inherently FR fabrics. This is what the majority of protective arc flash clothes are made of.

How do you wear Arc Flash Clothing?

How do you wear Arc Flash Clothing?

It’s easy to think that as long as you’re wearing the correct level of arc-rated PPE and clothing, you’re covered against arc flash burns, but you would be mistaken. How you wear your PPE and arc flash clothing can affect the integrity, meaning you may not always be fully protected from harm.