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How do Flame-Resistant Garments work?

Flame resistant garments are a necessity for any employee who may be at risk of coming into contact with electric arc events, flash fires or combustible dust explosions to protect the skin against burns and minimise the risk of injury.

Burns are a common health & safety issue in some workplaces, especially those that work with naked flames, chemicals and high temperatures.

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Why do I need Arc Flash Protection?

Webinar: "Why do I need Arc Flash Protection?" with Technical Director Anthony Long

Calling all workers that operate on live or potentially live electricity!

Our very first webinar of this series! Beginning with 'Why do I need Arc Flash Protection?' with Technical Director Anthony Long who will be taking the lead in this webinar discussing the following topics:

- What is an Arc Flash?
- What can cause an Arc Flash?
- How is Arc Protective Clothing tested?
- What are the consequences of wearing inadequate Arc Flash PPE?
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Free Webinar: Why do I need Arc Flash Protection?

We are hosting a new series of FREE webinars to ensure we can spread our knowledge as far as possible to make sure people get home safe every night. See the details below for our first webinar. 

Why do I need Arc Flash Protection?
with LIVE Q&A From Technical Director Anthony Long

Tuesday, July 10th 2018
14:00 UK, 15:00 EU, 09:00 USA (ET) 

Unsure why you need to wear Arc Protective Clothing?
Unsure when your Arc Protective Clothing needs replacing? 

Find out all this information in our first FREE webinar of this series to help make sure you are correctly protected. Due to the misconceptions of Arc Flash there are at least 10 Arc related incident daily, 2 of these people are dying in the workplace according to the OSHA listing.
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