Why a single PPE ordering platform is essential for global operations

Ben Cass

An ordering system will allow your employees anywhere in the world to place an order that matches the PPE that they require and quickly deliver it to their location, minimising risks and delays. If you’re considering utilising an ordering system, here’s five ways you could benefit from using our Safeline 2.0 solution:

Arc Flash Testing Garment

3 Jobs where Arc Flash Protective Clothing and PPE should be considered an essential

Ben Cass

For a number of different job roles, wearing arc protective clothing is necessary to protect against the dangers of arc flash.

Arc flash is the light and heat that is produced as a result of an arc fault, which is a type of electrical explosion or discharge that results from a low-impedance connection through the air to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.

Generally, arc flash occurs because a test probe has been touched to the wrong surface or a tool has slipped, but other things such as dust, corrosion and impurities on the surface of the conductor also contribute to arc flash.

Coming into contact with arc flash can be devastating as it can result in serious burns and in the worst cases, even death. Because of this, it’s important for workers to protect themselves by wearing the appropriate clothing. 

This blog will explain some of the different job roles where arc clothing is essential.

Global Compliance

Global Consistency & Standardisation

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Arc Fire

11 Arc Flash Facts, Myths and Folklore

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Electricity is a unique hazard in that under normal circumstances, you can’t see it, hear it or smell it yet if you ignore or forget about it, there can be extremely deadly consequences.