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Electrical Safety Accessories

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Kneepads (Pair)
Kneepads (Pair) SKZ954
Sale price£8.88
Premium Kneepads
Premium Kneepads SKZ934
Sale price£13.13
Electricians Glove BagElectricians Glove Bag
Electricians Glove Bag PPEBAG
Sale price£30.83
Disposable Overshoe (25) - Skanwear®
Disposable Overshoe (25) PPET44D
Sale price£133.75
Helmet ID Tag - Skanwear®
Helmet ID Tag SKZID10
Sale price£6.63
Electrical Matting IEC 61111:2009 – Class 2
Insulated Matting - 36kV / 1MInsulated Matting - 36kV / 1M
Insulated Matting - 36kV / 1M SWS642
Sale price£125.70
TestBoy Profi III Two-pole Voltage Tester
TestBoy Profi III Two-pole Voltage Tester TOL100
Sale price£224.25
Insulated 20Kv Non Conductive Tape MeasureInsulated 20Kv Non Conductive Tape Measure
Facom Flat Standard Screwdriver 0.4 x 2.5 mm Tip 75mm
Safety storage cabinet Q-CLASSIC-90Safety storage cabinet Q-CLASSIC-90
Safety storage cabinet Q-CLASSIC-90 SWT014
Sale price£5,097.10
Battery Charge charging cabinet ION-CHARGE-90Battery Charge charging cabinet ION-CHARGE-90
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Maintenance Tool Kit – 35 piece
Sealey AK7979 4-in-1 Reversible Ratchet Ring Spanner
RS PRO Adjustable Spanner, 152.4 mm Length, 20mm Capacity
RS PRO Zinc Alloy 5 way Control Cabinet Key
RS PRO 114 mm Electronic Cutters
RS PRO 114 mm Electronic Cutters TOL053
Sale price£23.50
Minotaur Water Pump Pliers 250mmMinotaur Water Pump Pliers 250mm
Minotaur Water Pump Pliers 250mm TOL052
Sale price£19.55
Black/Yellow Tough Stripe Floor TapeBlack/Yellow Tough Stripe Floor Tape
Black/Yellow Tough Stripe Floor Tape SWT315
Sale price£56.95
Ethernet to USB 2.0 adaptor
Ethernet to USB 2.0 adaptor TOL056
Sale price£20
Electrical Insulated Glove Tester - Skanwear®
Electrical Insulated Glove Tester PPE559
Sale price£605.10