Electrical Insulated Glove Tester

  • Electrical Insulated Glove Tester

Electrical Insulated Glove Tester

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Electrical insulating gloves must be inspected before each use. Inspection is simplified by using a portable glove inflator. This glove inflator is a simple, easy to use, portable glove inflator. It provides a quality means of inspecting gloves in the field. The glove is secured to the inflator using a nylon strap, fastened with Velcro, or a rubber 'O' ring.

Inflation is accomplished by pumping the bellows of the inflator. 

Make your garments last longer by doing the following

  • Your garment should be cleaned regularly.
  • Professional laundering is recommended by a Skanwear approved launderette.
  • Wash separately from non-FR garments.
  • A label with appropriate cleaning instructions is affixed within your garment.
  • Never use a heavily soiled garment.
  • Garments with reflective tape should be washed and dried at a lower temperature
When not in use store the garment in a dry area away from direct sunlight