Global Zero Harm – An Achievable Goal for 2020 

Imagine if you were able to obtain a day, a week, a month, or even a year of zero harm across your entire global workforce. What would that look like for your company? None of your engineers being struck by an Arc Flash or similar electrical explosion and getting home free from injury at the end of each and every shift. 

Zero Harm Vision 

Despite the many challenges associated with achieving zero harm, SKANWEAR® are focusing their efforts in helping Global Energy Companies achieve this for their workforce as part of their brand new Global 2020 Zero Harm campaign. After all, no company wants to face the moral accusation in setting injury targets that mean they are effectively planning to hurt a certain amount of their workers. 

It is our commitment to reduce the risk of the activities performed within the global energy industry that has seen SKANWEAR® innovate and become a leader in developing Arc Flash personal protective clothing and equipment.

Zero Harm Pillars 

Through our six Zero Harm Pillars, SKANWEAR® are helping Global Energy Companies achieve Global Zero Harm in 2020. 

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Global Knowledge

Boasting an expert understanding of Arc and Flame certifications, as well as global electrical and fire safety regulations, SKANWEAR® have developed a range of Arc Flash Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment that meet all of the required EU, US, and AU Safety Standards. With your team wearing the appropriate equipment for working with live electricity, regardless of where they are based in the world, it ensures that not only do they remain safe, but are also compliant with local regulations.

Thanks to their global knowledge, SKANWEAR® are able to support Global Energy Companies in creating Risk Assessments for Arc Flash Mitigation and Arc Flash Hazard work in order to reduced your risk of liability. 

Arc Flash Presentation

(Global Account Manager - Beatriz Gambetta delivering talk on Electrical Safety to Engineers) 

Global Products

Because the personal protective clothing and equipment that SKANWEAR® develop is intended to be worn by a global workforce, they come with built in sizing tolerances in order to accommodate a broader spectrum of sizes. This includes the use of elasticated waistbands that add an extra 7% pull into all of the garments and so benefits workers globally whom have different shapes and sizes based on the countries that they come from. This 7% also accomodates workers who are between sizes.

Regardless of where your engineers are based in the world, they are able to order the size that they require, and the product will fit, thanks to the SKANWEAR® Global Sizing feature. In addition, they also boast the biggest size range in a single product line with garments starting at XS and going right through to 5XL in Short, Regular, or Tall. This means that regardless of the size, shape, height, or weight of your team, they will always be able to access an off the shelf personal protective uniform globally.

Specifically designed for a global workforce, SKANWEAR® products are able to withstand varying climates, including hot, cold, wet, and humid conditions. With global options for global climates, our lightweight Inherent Arc fabrics are ideal for very hot climates such as those found in the Middle East, whereas our thermal protective Arc clothing is well suited to the extremely cold environments found offshore.

With Global Certifications for all of their personal protective clothing and equipment, your risk of not meeting safety regulations is diminished whilst improving protection for your workforce so that they can get home safe each day. Thanks to the STRATA Protection Inherent fabrics that are used in all of the products that SKANWEAR® develop; you do not need to worry about the protective properties of their garments diminishing over time. The use of these 100% Inherent clothing provides your workers with lifelong protection that can never be washed away.

All of the options that SKANWEAR® provide can be harmonised to meet your global brand image. This means that not only are all of your engineers suitably protected, but they also look professional and made to feel like one big team. Wearing the right clothing for the job not only helps to keep your workforce safe, but also improves their productivity. 

Arc Flash Clothing

 (Photography of STRATA Protection 'SFV839' Arc Hi-Viz Overall)

Global Order / Control

The SKANWEAR® Safety Management System – SAFELINE 2.0 supports Global Energy Companies with achieving Global Zero Harm. This system was established to give multi-national companies a platform to standardise their personal protective clothing and equipment across multiple countries. It works to ensure that the items meet the standards in each country, as well as giving a universal image of compliance. This gives peace of mind for environment, health and safety, and purchasing, that the correct personal protective clothing and equipment is ordered due to product lockdown on what is available to the end user.

This feature of the SAFELINE 2.0 system is known as global control of allowance given that your workers are only able to access SKANWEAR® pre-approved Arc and Flame clothing and personal protective equipment that are relevant to their region or country so that you have full control over global compliance and greater consistency and standardisation across your workforce. This is especially helpful given that the Safety Management System allows your workforce to order products from wherever they are in the world and have them delivered globally to anywhere from office or site locations, to home addresses or hotels.

Thanks to the multi-lingual functionality of SAFELINE 2.0, your workforce has the ability to have a single source platform which can be accessed anywhere in the world in their native language to order their SKANWEAR® Arc clothing and personal protective equipment from. Similarly, the global pricing feature ensures that a global pricelist is applied to users of the Safety Management System regardless of the region they are based in, the product(s) that they are ordering, or the currency that they use. These make it easy for your workers to order globally, no matter where they are based in the world.

SAFELINE 2.0 helps to reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative duties that your workers have to do thanks to its global authorisation feature. With this, approvals can be made across multiple different regions and accounts can even be grouped so that a manager in one country can approve multiple people across a number of regions or even countries. Having an authorisation feature in place gives your management team full visibility of the PPE being requested and full control of quantities taken – driving compliance and consistency of image.

Another way in which SAFELINE 2.0 stops your workers from habitually ordering new SKANWEAR® personal protective clothing and equipment is via the global control of expenditure feature.  This allows for maximum order quantity limits to be set against individual products. This enables you to control costs globally and monitor spend with complete transparency.

Greater visibility, via the global reporting feature on SAFELINE 2.0, gives Global Energy Companies a better understanding of their workers, their usage, spend, and accidents. The data provided by the Safety Management System can be used to drive compliance, as it allows you to see which of your team is not protected, which enables you to step in and provide them with the necessary SKANWEAR® personal protective clothing and equipment. You can also monitor ordering trends so that you know what products are popular and which are not so popular. 

With SAFELINE 2.0 being globally accessible every day and supported by the SKANWEAR® global customer support team, you can rest assure that every member of your workforce that is at risk, has the ability to understand what protection they need, and they have the tool they need to obtain it. 


SAFELINE2.0(SAFELINE2.0 Global Ordering System)

Global Account Management

SKANWEAR® provide Global Energy Companies with a local account manager that acts as their single point of contact. This is a trusted and dedicated person whom they can call upon at anytime to answer questions or queries, and fulfil business needs. Being in the same time zone, speaking the same language, and having local knowledge allows the account manager to provide a value added service to drive excellence within your company, as well as drive your global message locally.

Working with your teams on the ground, the SKANWEAR® account manager is able to use their understanding of different countries cultures and ways of working to develop an understanding of what features would be more helpful on the clothing so that future product lines can be specifically designed to fit right whilst meeting the exact needs of your employees. This encourages your workers to wear the protective clothing as it has been influenced by their feedback and fits correctly, leading to less risk for your company.

Thanks to their passion for supporting Global Energy Companies initiative at a local level, the SKANWEAR® account manager will provide training to ensure that your global teams receive the same message on electrical safety and dangers so that your various operations and projects can run smoothly and without incident.

Key Account Management

(Global Account Manager - Mike Johnston supporting customer Trade Exhibition) 

Global Tools

Via the use of the free SKANWEAR® online and offline training tools you can ensure that your global teams are continually reminded about the dangers of Arc Flash so that complacency does not set in and you are able to achieve your target of zero harm. 

Holding product based demonstrations at global locations, SKANWEAR® are able to showcase their new and innovative developments straight to your engineers in the field. This ensures that the personal protective clothing and equipment that is being made is fit for purpose for Global Energy Companies and that your team will wear it. This benefits your company in that it keeps your workforce safe and incidents less likely, ensures compliance, and creates a consistent brand image across all of your workers.

With a single global catalogue containing all of the SKANWEAR® personal protective clothing and equipment, multi currency products are available all in one place, ensuring that both your engineers in the field and your managers have access to fully standardised and compliant products. 

To help your HSE teams globally demonstrate what to do and wear across the workforce, SKANWEAR® provide marketing support. The types of marketing tool used include the Safety Matrix Policies that provide strict guidelines for your engineers to keep them safe on the job.

Skanwear Catalogue

(SKANWEAR® Catalogue) 

Global Distribution

Using SKANWEAR® as your single source of personal protective clothing and equipment on a global scale saves your company time in procurement sourcing options from alternative providers.

Boasting a highly sophisticated and robust global distribution network, SKANWEAR® are able to deliver their personal protective clothing and equipment to the office or site locations of Global Energy Companies around the world. With all commercial invoices and customs documentation completed by a team of in house experts, deliveries are shipped to more than 52 different countries worldwide, from Europe to the USA, the Middle East, Far East, and Australia.

Skanwear® Box

(SKANWEAR® Employee packing a customers Arc Flash Clothing Solution)

Leading The Way To Zero Harm

It is the number one goal of SKANWEAR® that all of your workers get home free from injury at the end of each and every shift. This is something that Global Energy Companies are able to achieve if they change the behaviours of their teams, inspire co-operation and collaboration amongst their workforce, and create an environment of stewardship. Utilizing the Zero Harm Pillars is a sure fire way of helping your company achieve these outcomes.

SKANWEAR® – helping you to achieve Global 2020 Zero Harm

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