Skanwear goes global with one of the world’s largest datacenter providers

Skanwear goes global with one of the world’s largest datacenter providers

Skanwear, a leading provider of ARC Flash and Flame-Resistant Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), has announced its latest achievement in partnership with an industry-leading datacenter company. Skanwear have successfully provided a Global Rollout of ARC Flash and Flame-Resistant Clothing and PPE, using inhouse brand STRATA Protection out to sites in Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia regions, catering to over 2,000 employees globally.

The partnership with the datacenter company has also included several initiatives to promote ARC awareness and education among employees/engineers. Skanwear has provided support in the creation of learning materials for new starter inductions, as well as bespoke video training content for their learning portal. The company is also working with the datacenter’s safety teams to develop a globally compliant program for ARC protection to ensure there is a consistency in compliance and brand image regardless of their engineers locations. 

"We are proud to have partnered with this industry-leading datacenter company in their commitment to providing the highest levels of safety and protection for their employees worldwide," said Ryan Bullock, Sales Manager of Skanwear. "Through our collaboration, we have been able to provide our cutting-edge STRATA® Protection ARC Flash and Flame-Resistant Clothing and PPE to facilities across the globe, while also promoting ARC awareness and education among employees."

The datacenter company has also expressed its satisfaction with the partnership with Skanwear, and its commitment to continuing the collaboration in the future.

"Skanwear has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to ensure the safety and protection of our employees across the globe. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the success of our ARC protection program, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Skanwear on future projects."

About Skanwear

Skanwear are industry specialists in Arc Flash and Flame-Resistant education and protection, providing globally compliant, lightweight solutions in protective clothing and PPE for the electrical industry. Skanwear's STRATA® brand of clothing is designed and manufactured in-house and delivered directly to customers in over 82 countries.

The Skanwear Academy is dedicated to the education and promotion of electrical safety in the workplace, producing videos, webinars, surgeries, and workshops with specialist electrical safety consultants to provide up-to-date, life-saving information and resources for workforces. Join the #savinglives mission

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