The Innovative Way To Protect Workers From Electrical Risk

The Innovative Way To Protect Workers From Electrical Risk

Thousands of workers across the globe suffer electrical contact injuries each year, with millions more exposed to this danger on a daily basis. These incidents cost millions in insurance pay-outs and even more in lost operations. As it currently stands, there are no always-on, connected, ambient devices that detect electricity. Instead, workers have to follow lockout procedures and rely on processes to de-energize.

However, the new Proxxi Voltage wearable device provides a fail-safe backup for workers that virtually eliminates all electrical risk. The voltage sensor works by detecting energized equipment and then notifying the wearer of the danger. Analysing proximity to an energized device, it uses multi-sensory alerts to notify the wearer that the warning zone that surrounds the device has been crossed and will do the same thing again when there has been a breach of the limits of approach. The data from such events is recorded by a mobile app and shared with the employer on their dashboard. 

The wearable device is always on and acts as an extra pair of eyes that warns the wearer whenever they’re at risk. As a result, the risk of electrocution and electrical contact injuries is significantly reduced.

The Proxxi voltage has been specifically designed for those workers within various industries that are at risk of electrical contact injury. The wearable device provides employers visibility and peace of mind through live monitoring and insights into the safety of their workers. 

The employer’s dashboard issues reports that give insight on training and safety procedures, as well as continuing summaries that let supervisors spot trends and see any outliers. There are also filtering options that can be drilled down for further insights and inquiry. All of the data on the dashboard can be organised by date, location, team, and worker. 

Proxxi Voltage is a solution that can be used in virtually any voltage environment – 110V to 500kV. The mobile app enables the wearer to freely move between low and high voltage settings in just seconds. It is the perfect solution for unqualified workers and for those working in low voltage settings, such as first responders, construction workers, miners, and anyone in the manufacturing industry. Wearers are even able edit the settings to the distance and voltage needed for each use case, meaning the practical implications for the wearable device are endless.

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