SKANWEAR® secure NEW multi-year contract with ABB

SKANWEAR® secure NEW multi-year contract with ABB

Skanwear has secured a long term multi-year contract with ABB, to provide a consistent and standardised global solution to PPE Compliance, Protection and Brand Image. This means every engineer across the 82 countries supplied is legally compliant within the country the engineer works, they have the physical protection they need for both male and female engineers to work comfortably in different climates and last but not least they represent the image of ONE global team. 

Thanks to shared business alignments in global safety and consistency, and ABB’s trust in Skanwear’s product, services, knowledge and solutions, this was awarded after a vigorous tender process

ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalisation and realize value, whilst maintaining a strong ethos on safety.

The contract will see the global industry specialists in arc flash and flame-resistant education and protection continue to provide head, hand and face protection, voltage detectors, and electrical testing equipment, along with global compliance services and arc flash training sessions to ABB engineers across the globe.

This will allow their staff to be completely compliant and aligned with electrical safety and arc flash clothing requirements. So whether an engineer working in Philippines, Qatar, Italy or the USA, they’ll have access to a globally compliant and visually brand consistent range of brand arc protective clothing and PPE.

The aim of ABB has always been to drive global standardisation in brand image and compliance with electrical safety standards. Skanwear has been able to create for them a bespoke, inherent arc clothing range, which completely aligns with their corporate brand colour scheme while at the same time surpassing the electrical safety standards. The companies have also come together on safety risk requirements to develop an electrical safety matrix that is used across the entire ABB business to highlight to workers what protection the clothing provides, what situations they should be wearing and explains the different meaning of different arc levels. 

Since 2013, SKANWEAR® have been providing ABB with a unique solution that ensures they have a global consistency and standardisation in PPE Compliance, Protection and Brand Image.

Ryan Bullock, Global Account Manager for Skanwear said:

“I’m thrilled to secure a new multi-year contract with ABB. It’s refreshing to work with a company like them, who hold safety as such a core value to their business. We have a great understanding of how ABB operates at this point, and this allows us to make sure our design philosophies and safety concepts are 100% aligned with ABB's requirements.”

Małgorzata, Category Manager at ABB:

“ABB have partnered with skanwear for many years but as part of our commercial policies a competitive tender process was required.  After almost one year of discussions we are pleased to create a new contract with skanwear to continue the cooperation we have enjoyed for many years.  Skanwear have consistently demonstrated to ABB that they are more than just a supplier of products put a partner with many solutions to support the diverse safety needs of our global business..”


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