Caring For and Washing Arc Flash + FR Clothing

Caring for and washing Arc Flash & FR Clothing

In order for Arc Flash and FR clothing and PPE to function correctly, it requires careful and regular maintenance, so that it keeps all of its protective qualities and works to save you from harm in the event of an electrical explosion.

By taking good care of your PPE, you’re ensuring that it takes good care of you. Maintaining your clothing and PPE is actually pretty straightforward – all it needs is to be regularly checked for damage, and kept clean.

How often should you replace Arc Flash PPE?

When Arc Flash PPE gets damaged, either holed or torn, it should be immediately replaced. Doing this helps to ensure that the correct safety standards are maintained through eliminating potential entry points in the event of an electrical explosion.

Washing and drying instructions

When it comes to keeping your PPE clean, there are some things that you can do to both protect and prolong the life and shape of the garment(s). It’s always best to wash your FR clothing at home rather than having it professionally laundered, as it inflicts much less wear and tear, thus helping it to last longer. 

Can FR properties be washed out?

This all depends on the type of garment. All STRATA garments for example have inherent protection that will not wear off and so can be washed numerous times whilst still maintaining their FR protective properties – this is not the case with those garments that are FR treated and not made using inherently protective materials. 

Does fabric softener ruin FR Clothes?

Stick with warm water and mild non-bio liquid detergents that don’t contain bleach, optical whiteners, or very strong chemicals. We recommend that fabric conditioner is used sparingly as it weakens the fibre structure, but it won’t affect the FR properties of our Inherent garments.  It will deteriorate the properties of treated FR fabrics.

Whilst bleach doesn’t affect how well the garments(s) protect you when exposed to a flame, it can reduce garment quality and appearance. It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's instructions, just in case there are any additional washing directions. Always tumble dry Arc Flash PPE on a low setting.

So, wash your garments regularly - it’s hygienic too - and following the instructions in the label of your garment and your clothing will offer the same FR and ARC protection from the day you first wear it to the day you retire it, no limited life in a STRATA garment.

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