Breaking the Mould with STRATA Protection

The development of SKANWEAR into a world leader in clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) led to the creation of in-house brand STRATA® Protection.

Introducing STRATA® Protection

What makes STRATA stand out from the competition is that the brand is constantly challenging itself to win over those wearers who are not so easily pleased, the ones that think nothing can protect them against the risks they face, or nothing can withstand the elements or conditions they endure on a daily basis whilst at work.

Everything that STRATA® does has a purpose, every detail is made to make the working day a little easier, a little safer, and maybe a little more enjoyable. When clothing and PPE is designed to be a reliable partner, it helps you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.   

The brand is built on a strong value-driven foundation of reliability, curiosity and passion. Reliability means that you can rely on your STRATA® products to be durable, functional and sustainable. Curiosity comes from the constant evaluation to become even more innovative and relevant. And passion is in everything that is done – ensuring you are safer, look better, feel better and perform better with your STRATA® clothing and PPE. With this, the brand vision is as obvious as it is true: to inspire people to keep safe and save lives.

In this article a more detailed look will be taken at how the brand collaborates with customers to ensure clothing is suitable for their engineers’ wants and needs; how products are designed and developed in-house; how STRATA establish long lasting relationships with industry leading fabric and trim manufacturers / suppliers; how it is always seeking lighter fabrics and creating unique features; how its women’s products are designed by women; and how the brand is committed to growing a community full of like-minded forward thinking engineers from the industry. 

Collaboration with customers

The growing design team at STRATA® focuses on collaborating with customers to establish what is required around the world to keep their electrical engineers safe and comfortable. Our team work closely with engineers to grasp their wants and needs, ensuring each feature is providing purpose and the clothing is comfort. 

Full control

Electrical engineers need to be protected from the potentially fatal risk of arc flash and the elements whilst still being able to move without restriction. Comfort is critical to productivity therefore; a strong emphasis on ergonomic
design, fit and function is paramount within the development process. This is reflected in the STRATA product offering.

All STRATA clothing and PPE is made in-house across a number of strategic locations. Each production facility is certified to ISO 9001 and is audited to maintain prestigious Article 11B accreditation, which is a directive from the PPE Directive (formerly known as the European Council Directive) – the basis upon which manufacturers of PPE are authorized to affix the CE mark to their products.

Long lasting relationships

STRATA clothing and PPE is globally tested and certified to both European and North American arc flash, flame retardant and hi-visibility standards, but the brand doesn’t stop there.

Quality assurance and peace of mind for customers is a fundamental at STRATA. That’s why not only do the products meet safety and testing standards, they exceed them wherever possible. The brand is committed to working with the best manufacturers and suppliers to certify its production practices, allowing customers to see its dedication to quality assurance. It demonstrates this commitment by conforming to voluntary accreditation standards along with those required in the sector.

Continuous innovation 

Every STRATA product is built without compromise, using the best materials available, and made by the most skilled seamstresses, using some of the most innovative manufacturing technologies available. This innovation has seen the brand bring together some of the lightest weight inherent fabrics with high arc flash protection levels for those working on or near live or potentially live electricity.

To demonstrate this confidence in high standards, STRATA® offers a Full Lifetime Guarantee against any default occurring through faulty workmanship.

Every growing Ladies Collection 

STRATA® aims to bridge the gap of women being poorly catered for within the industry when it comes to clothing and PPE. This is something that the brand sees as being unacceptable in today’s gender equal society. Each and every product in the ladieswear range has been designed with the female figure as the prime focus and tailored to meet ladies figures regardless of size.

Although all of the STRATA ladieswear are specifically designed for the feminine figure, they still fall in line as a range with men’s and unisex products so that the whole team have a consistent corporate brand appearance.

Growing a community 

Friends of STRATA® is an inclusive and diverse group featuring engineers from all of the globe. FOS is a select group of skilled and experienced workers who rely on protective clothing to make their job as safe as possible. Through these relationships, the brand can ensure that its products meet the everyday needs of the most important people – those who wear them. Overall satisfaction is the aim and testing clothing and PPE to the limits is how this is done.

By becoming a Friend of STRATA customers can expect to receive free proto-type products, involvement in the design process, free community giveaways, networking opportunities with likeminded professionals from around the world, free attendance and hospitality at community events, invitations to exclusive product launches, and freedom of speech when it comes to what matters in good clothing.