EN388 Symbol


Protection classes for cut protection gloves were previously assigned in Europe in accordance with standard DIN EN 388:2003. Due to the continuous development of technical materials – so-called ‘high-performance fibres’ – it has become necessary to adjust the methods used to test and classify these products. These changes have been implemented in standard DIN EN 388:2016.

Test procedure in accordance with EN 388:2016/ISO 13997

EN388 Glove Image
  • Relates to cut protection gloves made from materials that cause the blades to become blunt (i.e. glass and steel fibres).
  • Additional test procedure in accordance with ISO 13997: Determination of resistance of the glove to cutting by a sharp object through single contact under higher force
  • Here, a long, straight blade is drawn once over the test piece. The minimum force required to cut through the test piece after 20 millimetres is determined in the process.
  • The result is given in newtons (N) and assigned to a cut protection class.
Newton Cut Protection Class

EN 388: 2016 Label Explained:

EN388: 2016 Label Explained
4: Shows the abrasion resistance (0 to 4)
X: Shows the coup test cut resistance (0 to 5; X = not applicable or not tested)
3: Shows the tear resistance (0 to 4)
2: Shows the puncture resistance (0 to 4)
D: Shows the cut resistance in accordance with ISO 13997 (A to F)