Predict – Identifying your Electrical Safety Risks

Part 1 of our new Electrical Safety and Compliance workshops - Identifying your Electrical Safety Risks. This new 5-part webinar series focuses on a significant acronym (4P’s) Predict, Prevent, Protect and Psychology. 

Kicking off the series we had Graham Hogg EngTech TMIET- Senior Electrical Engineer and Managing Director of ExelTech Ltd, plus our very own Technical Director Anthony Long.

In one 1 hour, we covered:

· Speaker Introductions
· Webinar Series Overview - Predict, Prevent, Protect & Psychology
· Shock and Arc Flash Hazard Risk Identification
· Calculating your Arc Flash Risk (and benefit of doing it)
· Understanding your Arc Flash Risk in the absence of calculations
· Who are you? Who are you responsible for that are at risk?
· Addressing Risks (& 4 scenarios)
· Case Studies
· Interactive Polls: pictures with the question, is this safe or acceptable or not

As seen in our previous series, we will be collaborating with and seeking Industry Experts and Authorities to provide content from real life experiences, case studies and to answer any relevant questions you may have while live.

Our speakers will help you to understand some of the key Electrical Safety Risks out there and what you need to do to keep your teams safe.