Prevent (B) – Prevent Electrical Safety Risks with Good Processes & Controls

Part 2 (B) of our new Electrical Safety and Compliance workshops - Prevent Electrical Safety Risks with Good Processes & Controls. This 5-part webinar series focuses on a significant acronym (4P’s) Predict, Prevent, Protect and Psychology.

We had Industry Expert, Staff Controls Dev Engineer, Kyle Veugeler from TESLA (previously at ABB Robotics) plus Graham Hogg EngTech TMIET - Senior Electrical Engineer and Managing Director of Exeltech Ltd.

***Note from 5:05 - 5:55 the video is muted due to copyrighting

In one 1.5 hour session, we covered:

• Hierarchy Controls Overview
• Elimination – Physically Remove the Hazard, how?
• Substitution – Replace the Hazard, how?
• Engineering Controls – Isolate people from the Hazard, How?
• Administrative Controls – Change the way people work, How?

• Focus on Managing Out the Risk with Administrative Controls
• POWRA – Good 'Point of Work Risk Assessments
• Processes & Controls
• Safety Rules
• Review of Maintenance Intervals
• Competency Assessments
• Contractor Assessments
• Creating Safe Working Zones
• Safe Isolation Procedures – inc. LOTO
• Important of permit to work
• Switching sequences
• Signing and guarding
• Effective labelling
• Specific Training
• Risk Assessment / Right to question and stop work for all workers

As seen in our previous series, we will be collaborating with and seeking Industry Experts and Authorities to provide content from real-life experiences, case studies and to answer any relevant questions you may have while live.