Managing Electrical Safety in Data Centres

SKANWEAR® are launching a new series of Electrical Safety Workshops focusing on the rapidly growing data centre industry and the unique electrical safety risks it has. 

In this Non-Commercial event with Martin Talbot (Engineering Manager for Equinix) and Marcin Ruta (Owner of MR Power Tech) you will learn about the critical areas of electrical safety risk in data centres and proven mitigation solutions and practises.

In this 1hr, free to attend event you will learn about:

- Identification & Elimination of Electrical Hazards
- Data Centre Electrical Network / Single Line Diagrams
- Data Centre Power Networks Specific challenges e.g. UPS,
  Generators, Static & Mechanical By-pass, Battery & DC
- Mitigation Solutions: settings adjustment, utilising line differential
  protection, zone selected interlock, adaptive settings (MV), arc flash
  detection/quenching devices
- Creating a Safe Systems of Work; Isolations, LOTO, Access Control, 
  Training & PPE