Creating your Electrical Safety Program

Plan, Do, Check and Evolve serves as a solid foundation for continuous improvement and has application across many processes, but here we are looking at this model to help specifically address electrical safety.

Don’t wait for an accident or legal case before you have a thorough review of your current approach to electrical safety. Our approach has application across all aspects of electrical safety and provides a complete picture to help companies understand how to grow and maintain their electrical safety program.

As a passionate ambassador of the #savinglives mission in electrical safety, SKANWEAR® believes it is critical to continue to educate organisations on all aspects of electrical safety, customer or not, so that we may all go home safely to our families. 

Supporting us this time we had Global O&M HV Technical Manager Aaron Sallows from LightsourceBP, plus Global Electrical Safety Authority and Business Owner Jon Travis, P. Eng, PMP of Leaf Electrical Safety.

In this 1:00 hour session we covered:

• Core Fundamentals of Building an Electrical Safety Program
• How to make an Electrical Safety Program, making it relevant for your organisation
• The practical application of an Electrical Safety Program
• Adopting Legislation (NFPA and Country Specific Guidelines)
• Legislation, Industry Learning and Internal Learning
• Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement