Electrical Safety Compliance in Wind Energy

Welcome to a new series of Electrical Safety Compliance Workshops focused entirely on the Renewable Wind Energy Sector.

On Wednesday 9th September we will be hosting Workshop Number One with Three excellent panellist speakers. 

• David Armour (Natural Power - HSEQ Director & SafetyOn TAC Chair)
• Aamir Shahzad (MHI Vestas – Senior Electrical Specialist UK, DK, US)
• Stephen Rose (SSE Renewables – Commissioning Manager)

In this session you will learn about:

1. David Armour will talk to us about:
- A recent electrical incident
- Key Challenges & Learns from the event

2. Steven Rose will talk to us about:
- The Hierarchy of Controls
- What they are and the practical application of them within a WTG
- Key learns through his career of how designing in safety works

3. Aamir Shahzad will talk to us about:
- Knowing your risks
- Creating Good Policy
- Governance & Compliance
- Your last line of defence – PPE

This will be a highly engaging scenario-based live webinar purely focused on the Wind Sector. You will not see or hear boring ‘text book’ theory but a totally fresh approach.