Implementing your Electrical Safety Program

The primary focus of this session was to look at setting the vision and enforcing electrical safety programs from a global and local standpoint. We touched on the importance of raising awareness and ways to influence all levels of the business to understand ‘why’.

This time, we had Global Electrical Leader Joe Cunningham from GE Renewable Energy supporting us. He focused on how to roll out a programme that is immune to "people changes," how to do it globally, the factors you should take into account, and much more.

We also had the honour of Ashley Smith, Terminal Electrical Engineering Manager at NationalGrid. Ashley concentrated on his personal implementation experience on a ground level, discussing Arc Flash studies, relays, and PPE with some situations for viewers to consider.

In this
1:00 hour session we covered:

• Setting the vision and enforcing the purpose from the ESP
• Making the ES program immune to “people-changes”.
• Global and Local Rollout
• Quick, meaningful tips and wins to implement
• Case studies, past experiences and interactive content