Competency in Wind Energy

The wind sector alone has a growing trend of electrical incidents!

The primary focus of this session was to look at electrical safety red spots in the wind sector. We discussed the importance of assessing ‘competence’ to ensure further electrical incidents in the Wind Sector do not take place.

This time, we had Director of Renewable Safety (and former Director of Renewable UK) Chris Streatfeild supporting us. Chris primarily delivers executive, management and specialist health & safety training for the renewable energy sector. Chris is very passionate about the matter of competency in specifically the wind sector which is a rapidly growing sector.

As always we held a live Q&A session at the end to answer any electrical safety based questions the audience had from session.

In this 1:00 hour session we will covered:

• Energy Transition (The Electrification of Nearly Everything)
• Developing Competence (Enhancing Skill Set)
• SAP Assurance (Selection & Competence Assessment Criteria)
• Industry Opportunity (Investing in New Centres & Assessment Standards)
• What is competency and the qualities of a ‘Competent Electrician’
• Suggested Industry Actions (Closing the competency gap)
• Case studies, past experiences and interactive content
• Live Q&A