Electrical Safety Standards & Legislation

This is part 6 of our Electrical Safety Compliance series. Adhering to your country Safety Standards and Legislation is critical. We will be giving an overview of various Electrical Safety Standards and Legislation from around the world – IET, IEC, IEEE, NFPA70E and some more local legislation. We have two very experienced speakers joining us;

• Allen Hajian – former Global EHS Director for Schneider Field Service, responsible for over 15,000 personnel working across field service, sales and administration.

• Ian Burgess – former Network Manager for UK Power Networks and latterly electrical safety rules specialist for Equinor.

Our speakers will help us to understand some of the key Electrical Safety Standards and Legislation that is out there and how this can or should be part of any good electrical safety compliance program.

There will be a focus on NFPA70E – the simple and concise guidance it gives to anyone looking to create or improve a current electrical safety program and some tips on how to effectively implement within your organisation with the view of reducing electrical injuries. 

In this session we will cover:

· Speaker Introductions
· Global Standards & Legislation
· Regional / Local Standards & Legislation
· Safety across a global workforce
· Live v Dead Working
· UK, USA, Europe
· Understanding Interpretations
· Live Q&A