Electrical Safety Authorisation & Training

This is part 5 of our Electrical Safety Compliance series. Critical aspects of any Electrical Safety Compliance Program are Authorisation & Training. Not anyone is qualified to work on electricity, do you understand the competency and qualifications required? You have the electrical engineering team but how are they trained, when are they are trained and what are they trained to know?

In this session you will experience one of the most engaging & dynamic presentations, looking at a series of critical safety aspects of getting your authorisation and training programmes right but also….what happens when it goes wrong! 

In this session, we will cover:

· Speaker Introductions
· Authorisation Levels
· Licenses, Permits & Validity
· Effective Communication
· Getting the balance right - Theory / Practical
· Training - First Aid / Resuscitation
· Arc Flash Awareness (Low Frequency / High Consequence)
· Creepage & Clearance – warning! 
· Contractors – They’re your responsibility!
· Competence & Experience - Team Leader / Authority Holders
· Live Q&A