Inspections, Audit & Accident Investigation with ABB & Bureau Veritas

This is part 4 of our Electrical Safety Compliance series. We are collaborating once again with Industry Specialist & Electrical Safety Authority Mitch Cini (Global Incident Investigations Program Manager at ABB) and also Michael Kenyon (Technical Lead at Bureau Veritas) to deliver an engaging scenario-based live webinar. 

In this session you will experience one of the most engaging & dynamic presentations on having correct Electrical Inspections, Auditing and then what happens if you have a failure?! Accident Investigations – capturing the incidents AND near misses and ensuring ‘learns’ are obtained and improvements made to prevent catastrophes happening

In this session, we cover:

· Inspections & Audits
· Determining Incident severity
· Investigation Methodologies
· Gathering Evidence
· Root Cause Analysis
· Learning from Incidents
· Live Q&A