Rail Protection

New STRATA Orange (UK Rail Approved) Arc Flash & Flame Protective Clothing

Rail Protection

Our STRATA product design team have responded exceptionally well to the growing demand for inherent Hi-Visibility Orange Arc Flash and Flame protective clothing. The RIS-3279-TOM approved range brings together a some of the lightest weight inherent fabric innovations with very high arc flash protection levels for those working on or near live or potentially live electricity and last but not least...comfort!

The STRATA Arc & Flame waterproof jacket and bib trousers are exceptionally lightweight and with performance ergonomics inspired from ski wear with articulated arms, easi-arm under arm gussets for optimum freedom of movement.  The hood is an art of garment engineering.   Request a sample today to touch and feel the garments yourself.

The STRATA RIS-3279-TOM rail approved Arc & Flame Multi Trousers and Overalls carry the same design and garment engineering hallmarks synonymous with STRATA products - articulated legs, kneepad pockets, slight waist elastication on the trousers, with adjustable waistband on the overall.  Plenty of well positioned and intelligently sized pockets.  Remember STRATA only work with inherent fabrics which mean the safety properties are retained in the garment for it's life time!

STRATA RIS-3279-TOM Rail Protection

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