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3 Jobs where Arc Flash Protective Clothing and PPE should be considered an essential

For a number of different job roles, wearing arc protective clothing is necessary to protect against the dangers of arc flash.

Arc flash is the light and heat that is produced as a result of an arc fault, which is a type of electrical explosion or discharge that results from a low-impedance connection through the air to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system.

Generally, arc flash occurs because a test probe has been touched to the wrong surface or a tool has slipped, but other things such as dust, corrosion and impurities on the surface of the conductor also contribute to arc flash. Learn more about arc flash blasts here.

Coming into contact with arc flash can be devastating as it can result in serious burns and in the worst cases, even death. Because of this, it’s important for workers to protect themselves by wearing the appropriate clothing. 

This blog will explain some of the different job roles where arc clothing is essential.

Energy Testing Technicians

For anyone working as a technician and are dealing with high-power circuits, protective arc flash equipment and clothing is vital. Gloves are essential to avoid initiating an arc and to protect personnel from any arc that may start while testing.

Industrial Electricians 

Fixing large machinery in factories can be hazardous and can pose the risk of arc flash, so anybody that works in this type of environment will need to be sure that they are well protected and wearing the appropriate clothing to ensure that they avoid any type of injury. Sturdy footwear is important and will also ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the working day.

Road Workers 

Working in construction on motorways and roads can pose risks to workers, especially when it comes to arc flash. When an uncontrolled arc forms at high voltages, and especially where large supply-wires or high-current conductors are used, arc flashes can produce deafening noises, so it can also be necessary to use ear protection in order for workers to avoid damaging their ears and affecting their hearing. Road work also often takes place late at night when it is dark, so in order to increase visibility and remain safe, the ARC Hi-Viz Waterproof Jacket is a good option. It is anti-static and is also made of waterproof, breathable material. 

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