Why a single PPE ordering platform is essential for global operations

Whether you’re already operating on a global scale or have ambitions to do so, it’s important to ensure that all your employees have access to the protection they need to safely carry out their jobs. It can be a time consuming and complex task. But a single ordering system that’s designed for businesses operating across international borders will make it far easier. 

An ordering system will allow your employees anywhere in the world to place an order that matches the PPE that they require and quickly deliver it to their location, minimising risks and delays. If you’re considering utilising an ordering system, here’s five ways you could benefit from using our Safeline 2.0 solution:

It provides consistency 

From creating a uniform to setting minimum protection standards, PPE should be consistent across all of your areas of operations, reflecting your overall brand ethos and goals. Of course, the more locations you’re active in, the more difficult this becomes. However, an online ordering system, such as Safeline 2.0, can help to streamline this process.

It gives employees flexibility

While you want to maintain consistency, you also need to recognise that different tasks and environment will demand different PPE. As a result, an ordering system that contains a range of approved items can balance this with flexibility for employees or individual groups. This has been a key consideration when developing Safeline 2.0, giving your members of staff more freedom.

It reduces admin costs and time

An admin team trying to manage multiple orders can be time consuming while placing the task in the hands of site managers can mean widely different costs and standards. A single access point for all PPE helps to cut the amount of money and time spent on the chore.

It ensures standards are upheld worldwide

Health and safety standards are important and even if an incident occurs in a region that has less regulation on the issue, it can have a hugely negative reputational and financial effect. A one-stop shop for all your PPE sets the right tone for ensuring that every one of your staff is protected to the highest of standards.

It sets a business culture

Managing a global workforce can be a challenge and creating a cohesive culture even more so. Having some similarities in the way each smaller team operates and the equipment they have access to can be part of your business culture that sets the employee experience. Safeline is one way to provide some consistency when it comes to the aspect of workwear and safety.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of a single ordering system that can be used globally contact us today about Safeline 2.0 to discover how our platform can work for you.

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