MICRON Evacuation System 15m

  • MICRON Evacuation System 15m

MICRON Evacuation System 15m

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Advanced evacuation descender for specialist industries.

Ultra compact device allows a person to make a fine controlled descent from high level. Heightec’s MICRON evacuation system is a high specification compact self evacuation system at a fraction of the size and weight of traditional systems.

This system allows a person to make a controlled descent from high level using the MICRON descender device which has a unique patented double action braking system, for fine control of descent speed.

The MICRON Evacuation System gives double action safety and fine control using pre-loaded, high strength, heat resistant Aramid cord.  The 100% Aramid construction of MICRON cord gives increased performance at high temperatures over Aramid mixes. (Non-Aramid components melt sooner, leaving the cord with reduced strength).

Potential use by anyone who works at height, but perfect for the onshore and offshore wind industry.


  • Extremely light and compact system
  • High specification, double action safety
  • Can be configured to allow lifting and lowering of a casualty
  • Aramid cord for maximum resistance to heat and cutting
  • Protected anchor point