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With a shared commitment to #savinglives, we partner with organisation which create a safe working environment .

Who we partner with

Electrical Safety Training & Certification Organisations

Working hand-in-hand with reputable safety training and certification organizations ensures that engineers in the electrical industry are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Together, we elevate safety standards, reduce risks, improve competency and
save lives.

Electrical Safety Consultants & Experts

To ensure our customers benefit from invaluable insights derived from their extensive industry experience, whether positive or negative. Together we aim to empower electrical engineers with practical, real-world lessons that foster a deeper understanding of potential risks and best practices.

Electrical Safety Advocacy & Charitable Organisations 

We amplify our efforts to raise awareness about electrical safety, support at-risk communities, and implement life-saving initiatives. Together, we strive to create a safer world, saving lives and fostering a culture of electrical safety and responsibility.

Electrical Safety Technology Providers

We ensure our customers have access to cutting-edge solutions and technology that significantly enhances their electrical safety measures. Our strategic partnerships empower our clients to stay ahead of potential hazards and minimise risks.

Our Partners

PPL Training

PPL Training's mission is to support organisations by providing professional development opportunities for their individuals who are responsible for the safety and efficiency of the built environment and heavy industry.

They are an industry leading provider of Safe Systems of Work and Technical Compliance courses, covering multiple areas of Mechanical and Electrical engineering. One of PPL's largest business areas is High Voltage electrical training, This encompasses Safe Systems of Work (AP/SAP level) and Technical training, both for compliance with the The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002, and other supporting guidance documents.

We are excited to have PPL Training onboard as supporters of the Global Electrical Safety Conference later this year, held in conjunction with IET and the Energy Institute.

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Energy Transition Group

• Production of Electrical Safe Systems of Work - HV, MV & LV
• Management Assurance for Control of Electrical Hazard
• Site Level Operational Compliance Auditing
• Facilitation of Theoretical & Practical Electrical Training
• Independent Verification of Electrical Competence
• Build High Performing and Specialist Teams of Electrical
   Safety Practitioners
• Provision of Electrical Safety Expertise to Non-Electrical

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