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Did you know that hand injuries account for the majority of workplace accidents each year, causing workers to miss an average of more than a week of work and incurring significant expenditures to businesses? (whether it be lacerations, crushing or electric shock for example).

What you and your teams will learn

• Different Types of Hand Injury
• When circumstances hand injuries occur
• Hand Injury Case Study [VIDEO]
• Understanding Glove Standards
• Different Types of Gloves and their effectiveness
• Times when Gloves won't protect you
• Maintaining Glove Longevity
• Sustainability Options 
• Performing Glove Inspections

Guard your teams most valuable tools

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In line with our #savinglives mission we want to offer our expertise, sharing is caring and 

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These sessions are purely for training! Within the sessions we will discuss product variation with no expectation or pressure to purchase

Virtual or Onsite Delivery

We understand you have busy projects to be working on and downtime so early in the year can be crucial so we are offering either on site or virtual to align with your schedule.

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