Used for rainwear compliance with OSHA 1910.269, NFPA 70E and CSA Z462, ASTM F1891 Standard Specification for Arc and Flame-Resistant Rainwear outlines minimum physical, arc flash, and thermal performance criteria for rainwear used by workers with a risk exposure to momentary electric arcs.

The ASTM F1959 test method is followed; additionally, both the Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) and Energy Breakopen Threshold (EBT) results are reported, and the material is exposed to twice the arc rating to ensure no melting or dripping of the rainwear will occur.

NFPA 70E-2018 requires some level of conformity assessment; ANSI 125 is referenced as an example framework; it outlines three levels of conformity assessment and requires retesting every 5 years, at a minimum.  

For the ASTM F1891 arc (design test), both the ATPV and EBT are determined. The test method used is ASTM F1959, with the addition of reporting both ATPV and EBT results and testing the material with twice the energy of the arc rating to evaluate for melting and dripping. This standard has a minimum arc rating of 5 cal/cm2.

All tests must be performed before and after 5 wash cycles, except for the arc test. Like in ASTM F1506, the arc test is considered a design test and only needs to be repeated after a change in the material. All other testing must be performed annually for compliance.