What’s your Defence? With Graham Harvey

imagine a sequence of events, you had a major electrical incident, people are serious hurt maybe even some have died, what comes next, what could have been done to prevent this? What other consequences are to come? 

This is part 1 of our Electrical Compliance series for National Electrical Safety Month. We are collaborating once again with Industry Expert, Electrical Compliance guru and Former Global Safety Director for GE Power Conversion Graham Harvey to deliver an engaging scenario-based presentation. In this session you will be taken on a journey through multiple encounters with a view from different perspectives including some of Graham’s experience in this very same position, in court, and on trial, the psychological strain.

In this session we cover:
• Speaker Introductions
• What is Compliance? - The definition, in simple terms, legally and your duty.
• The Incident – The Authorities, HSE, Psychological Strain, Emotive Dialogue,
  The Trial
• Where do we go from here?
• What should have been done?
• Components of Electrical Compliance
• How would your system look under scrutiny?
• Future Webinars
• Live Q&A