Safe Systems of Work with Jon Travis, P Eng, PM

This is part 2 of our Electrical Safety Compliance series. We are collaborating once again with an Industry Expert & Electrical Safety Authority – Jon Travis from Leaf Electrical to deliver an engaging scenario-based live webinar.

In this session you will experience one of the most engaging & dynamic presentations relating to Safe Systems of Work with the foundation being Risk Assessments. You will not see or hear boring ‘text book’ theory but a totally fresh approach.

In the session, we cover:

· Speaker Introductions
· Job Planning · Risk Assessment
· Emergency Plan
· Mitigation Techniques
· PPE, Procedures, LOTO & Isolations
· Testing & Trouble Shooting
· Establishing Electrically Safe Work Condition
· Energised Electrical Work Permits
· Live Q&A

This event will give you an insight in to potential areas of weakness within your current Electrical Safety Policy & Procedures and also tips and insights in to improvements that you can or should consider making.