Skanwear win Multiyear Global Framework Agreement with Iberdrola Renewable Offshore

Skanwear win Multiyear Global Framework Agreement with Iberdrola Renewable Offshore

Specialist, Global PPE provider to the wind sector, Skanwear, have won a multiyear framework agreement with Iberdrola Renewables Offshore for the provision of protective clothing, including their own STRATA Protection® brand of Arc & Flame Protective Clothing, height safety equipment, lifesaving apparatus and general personal protective equipment (PPE) across all Iberdrola offshore entities.

Iberdrola Renewables Offshore (IBRO) – one of the leaders in renewable energy – have awarded Skanwear a multiyear framework agreement.

Skanwear will provide a broad range of products and services for Spain based Iberdrola over the coming years. IBRO is one of the leaders in renewable energy investment globally, they recently went through a commercial tender process to identify an organisation that could support them globally with a consistent and standardised approach to PPE Compliance, Protection and Brand image.  Skanwear where able to demonstrate not only our commercial competitiveness but their ability to support the needs of the Iberdrola Renewables Offshore business globally.

The global partnership has already begun with Skanwear supplying several of Iberdrola’s offshore sites across Europe and the USA with their own STRATA protection clothing and PPE, ensuring that standards are met across their entire business so that personnel can move from site to site without change of clothing or equipment, and ensuring they are brand consistent regardless of where they are or where they are working. In addition to clothing and PPE, Skanwear is also providing non-commercial technical safety training and workshops to teams across all three of Iberdrola’s divisions that fits in with their mission of #savinglives.

Skanwear will be collaborating with Iberdrola on several large-scale projects including Saint Bruic in France, East Anglia Hub in the UK, Vineyard Wind in the USA and also developments Iberdrola have initiated as part of the recent Scot Wind Auction.

Chris Reeder, Skanwear’s Global Account Manager commented,

“Skanwear are extremely happy to be awarded the global framework agreement with Iberdrola, proud they put their trust in us and our mission of safety and mission. The Global Account management team at Skanwear are excited to support the sites moving forward to ensure employee safety at a global level.”

Javier Garcia Vila, Iberdrola’s Offshore H&S Manager added,
“We experienced a proactive approach from Skanwear throughout the bid processing.  They have demonstrated over a number of years (before the bid process began) so understand the needs of our business which resulted in them winning our initial Baltic Eagle PPE Contract agreement in Germany.  They demonstrated on this initial project their ability to serve our needs in a very nice way – helping us with both the product, service but also proactive technical support – we are looking forward to developing the relationship we have already begun” 

Over the last 30 years, Skanwear have gained considerable experience in delivering their specialist PPE solutions to the energy sector across 82 countries worldwide to ensure each person, especially those working on live or potentially live electricity can perform their tasks safely and comfortably. 

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