Skysafe Proflex Y Lanyard - 1.8m

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  • Skysafe Proflex Y Lanyard (1)
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Skysafe Proflex Y Lanyard - 1.8m

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The NEW ONE4ALL Lanyard from Skylotec brings a revolutionary, new, patented energy absorber with the large weight range from 50kg to 140kg that always withstands a maximum impact of less than 6kN at a maximum absorber length of 1.75M. The final impact resistance of 22kN, also in the absorber, before AND after a fall is exceptional as well. SKYSAFE PRO also meets the most relevant international standards in a single product. The Lanyard also features Side-load Hooks. 


  • EN354
  • EN355:2002

International Standards:

  • AS/NZS 1891.1
  • ANSI/ ASSE Z359:13
  • CSA Z259.11

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