2020 Product Show Casing Event via a Live-Stream Webinar on May 13th 2020

A unique opportunity to review the entire new SKANWEAR® 2020 product collection live with us.


Your business is essential.

So is the health and safety of your engineers.

At a time when travel is restricted, and we cannot meet physically face to face with colleagues we use zoom or equivalent, when our reactive workload has reduced we can focus on what’s proactive – what can I do today that will help me and my organisation come out of this pandemic stronger? What can I do now that I would not normally have the time to focus on ?

That's why we are putting on our 2020 Product Show Casing Event via a Live-Stream Webinar on May 13th 2020. 

It will be a unique opportunity to review the entire new SKANWEAR® 2020 product collection, live

Since 2019 SKANWEAR® have been on a marathon to develop one of the world’s most comprehensive, globally certified Arc & Flame Protective Clothing & PPE collections, a solution suitable for every man & women working in almost any situation where there is a risk of Flash Fire or Arc Flash.

In one hour, we will cover:
• Arc & Flame Solutions for Cold Weather 
• Arc & Flame Solutions for Hot Weather 
• Arc & Flame Solutions for Foul Weather 
• Arc & Flame Solutions for Ladies
• Building Complete PPE Kits
• PPE Control & Management 
• The 'Amazon' Experience for engineers/wearers
• Making Safety Simple - Building an Arc & Flame PPE System 
• Industrial laundry solutions
• Open Forum Questions & Answer

This show casing event will give you the tools you need to achieve a consistency and standardization in Compliance, Protection and Brand Image – now is the time to establish strategies to make you and your team safer and smarter.

Important: The first 10 attendees that register will receive a free of charge #savinglives t-shirt

Gain knowledge and helpful insights on what is available on the market today to keep your people safe in any location and situation and also learn how to build an effective and simple Arc & Flame Protective wardrobe AND manage it to ensure you achieve a high standard of compliance and protection whilst also strengthening your public brand image – very important.

Layering up for climate control and cold weather protection whilst maintaining breathability and functionality. Looking at protection for cold conditions and then REALLY cold conditions – Artic.


Angus Long
Global Account Director

Anthony Long
Technical Director

Ryan Bullock
Global Account Manager

Victoria Steventon-Paterson
Regional Account Manager

Alister Hughes
SAFELINE2.0 Project Lead

Every great course comes with a great speaker. Our speakers understand how to read a room, engage with the audience and make sure everyone get's the most out of the experience as possible.