EN ISO 374-1:2016


Chemical safety gloves must meet the requirements of European standard EN ISO 374-1. This standard has undergone fundamental changes in terms of certification.

Part 1 (Terminology and performance requirements for chemical risks) contains important modifications:

  • Expansion of test chemicals from 12 to 18
  • Omission of beaker glass for “water-resistant safety glove with low protection against chemical risks”
  • Standardisation of types of gloves into type A, B or C

Modification to labelling on the product: Pictogram of Erlenmeyer flask with differing number of letters for test chemicals depending on type

New labelling of safety glove:

Expansion of test chemicals: The test catalogue has been expanded in accordance with the new standard.

As before, the application guidance of the manufacturer is of great importance. The specific protection requirement must be determined as part of a risk assessment of the actual works process taking account of the specific application conditions. A designated safety professional must define the individual requirements and secure conformation of the specific protection levels of the safety gloves from the manufacturer’s data sheets.