Prosthetic Leg Garment

Our Product Development team were faced with a challenge when a current customer presented their latest request. 

BWSC employee Craig Godson needed Arc Flash garments that took into consideration his prosthetic leg following on from an accident at home. In the following year he struggled to get PPE that fit properly whilst still offering the same level of Arc Flash protection.

Customised Arc and FR Garment

Our Garment Technicians designed trousers and overalls for Craig with a zip on the outside for ease of use. This decision was made through extensive research into how prosthetic garments are currently made and how the STRATA clothes could cater for Craig’s needs. As these were to be Arc Flash garments, we built a gusset into the leg. This piece of fabric placed behind the zip was for protection and a pleat added into the knee pad for better mobility as his current trousers were rubbing against that area.

Our Technicians went to visit Craig on site at the BWSC Sleaford plant with the prototype. After trying the garments on he was very happy with the functionality and fit and following on from the visit, Craig got in touch to show his thanks, 

“To some people they’re just overalls but to me it’s more; you and your team have made things so much easier for me, meaning I can continue working”.

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