GO/RT 3279 Rail Industry Standard

RIS-3279-TOM Rail Industry Standard

RIS-3279-TOM (formerly GO-RT 3279) is a high visibility standard that only applies to the rail industry in the UK. The standard is based on the European Norm EN 20471:2013, and garments must comply to Class 2 High Visibility. The standard states the following: ‘high visibility clothing worn by people on the lineside or on or near the line should conform to a single standard for the colour and luminance of background material and that this standard will accord with the detail contained within BS EN 20471:2013 high visibility clothing – Test methods and requirements (ISO 20471:2013).’

Stated in the standard is that: ‘the colour specific requirements within this standard conform to the range specified within BS EN 20471 clause 5.1.2.’ In order to confine this to a specific orange colour, and to prevent the selection of a colour at the red end of the spectrum, the precise chromaticity co-ordinates for the colour are specified as: Fluorescent orange, X:0.588, Y:0.371. with a luminance factor of at least 0.4. The accepted tolerance in colour is as laid out in EN 20471. However, there is no tolerance for the luminance factor.

Also stipulated in RIS-3279-TOM is the need of retro-reflective materials, with photometric and physical performance aligned with EN 20471.

Mentioned in RIS-3279-TOM is the accepted use of a mini vest where the nature of the work being carried out will not obscure the high visibility clothing, and thus reduce the surface area’ that is visible. The same applies to company logos; these are permitted where they do not compromise the surface area of background colour, and compensation may have to be made for this.