RIS-3279-TOM Rail Industry Standard

GO/RT 3279 Rail Industry Standard

Rail Industry Standard


GO/RT 3279 replaceD with RIS-3279-TOM

The RSSB replaces Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3279 issue 8 with RIS-3279-TOM, with effect from 4th March, 2017. GO/RT 3279 Issue 8 has been withdrawn as it could not be retained as a National Safety Rule and is therefore reclassified.  All existing garments certified to GO/RT3279 Issue 8 remain valid but all new garments will be certified to the new RIS-3279-TOM standard. This has no effect on the garments we manufacture and sell but you may notice changes to labels and certification in due course.

Download document for details:  https://www.rssb.co.uk/rgs/standards/RIS-3279-TOM%20%20Iss%201.pdf