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STRATA PPE garment spotlight

Perfecting Design

Introducing three new designs...

It goes without saying that Arc Flash clothing needs to be up to date with the safety standards that underline compliance. But what about comfort, style, practicality and fit?

Our Production Development team are working on perfecting the design of the STRATA® brand through thoughtful research and creativity including taking the first steps towards a womenswear line which will be the first of its kind. Let’s now identify the design features of the innovative STRATA® clothing:

SFV839 Coverall
One of our bestselling garments, the SFV839 is made from inherent fabric offering excellent protection from electric arc and combined with Hi-Viz for added safety, makes for the perfect product for your safety needs. Features such as adjustable waistband and cuffs, underarm gussets and gusseted leg zips means you get a comfortable and ergonomic fit that will work with you throughout the day. The safety standards label gives easy identification eliminating any doubt about your level of protection and the long sleeves and high collar with full length zip means no skin is left exposed.

SFV439 Jacket
This lightweight jacket is made from the standard STRATA inherent, highly protective fabric. With a long cut back and high collar with full length zip you get extra protection without compromising on comfort. Underarm gussets and adjustable cuffs are features which mean you can work comfortably and tailor your garment to your needs. There are also radio loops on both sides of the chest and internal pockets as added extra features.

SFV213 Trouser
These trousers have pre-shaped legs with kneepad pockets designed for kneeling comfort meaning there are no pinch points when you move around. These trousers are made from the trusted STRATA inherent fabric with added Hi-Viz for extra safety, and they are water and oil resistant. Cargo pockets have been added for functionality providing extra storage for tools. As with all our garments, the safety standards label is clearly displayed making it easy to identify exactly what your arc flash needs require.

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