f you'd told us a month or two ago that we'd all be self-isolating, and most of the country would be onlock down, I would have found it hard to believe... but now a reality.

So, due to the self-isolation rules imposed last week, being in the category of *Manufacturer and Distributors of Arc FR Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment, and in line with Government guidelines we will:

1. Continue supply of Arc & FR Clothing and PPE to protect those that need it
2. Prioritise supply of Arc & FR Clothing and PPE to critical electrical supply   
3. Self-isolate all staff - we are now all working remotely
4. Continue running our warehouse but with the social distancing guidelines                being applied

As a manufacturer of Arc and FR Clothing and PPE we are responsible in making sure everyone is protected. During this challenging time we want to ensure that those who are not able to work from home, such as, stand-by linesman, jointers, SAP’s and electrical engineers involved in the production and maintenance of critical electrical equipment going in to the healthcare sector are staying safe.

We are committed to supporting and prioritising our critical supply customers to help minimise the impact to your business. If you haven't already, we would like to kindly ask you to help us to better understand how we can help you by emailing 
sales@skanwear.com or speak to your Key Account Manager. 


in addition we are pleased to say that for our European and North American customers over 98.5% of our Arc & Flame Protective Clothing products are manufactured outside of Asia with the largest proportion being contained with Europe – European Fabric & Garment Production. 
As a result we don’t anticipate any impact or risk to our supply chain from the direct effects of the Corona Virus immerging out of China, HOWEVER we do expect to see a surge in demand for our products and services as services & supplies out of China affects the supply chain of Safety critical clothing & PPE products. 

Russell Long
Managing Director