Richard Long (CEO) 

Here at SKANWEAR we work tirelessly to ensure every person globally, working with potentially live electricity has access to the correct electrical safety PPE to protect them from the devastating effects of electric shock and arc flash. SKANWEAR didn’t begin with the focus it has today. It was started in 1989 by my parents, Bryan Long (born & educated in the UK) and Marianne Lidbeck (born & educated in Sweden). 

In the early years we supplied general workwear & PPE to the industry and as we have grown we still keep the values we had back then. However, we quickly identified a gap in the market that would enable us to add definite value to the lives of our customers.

Therefore, in 2011 we took a strategic decision to focus on fulfilling an urgent requirement to protect electrical workers around the world. Each and every year people are dying from the fatal effects of Arc Flash. Although Arc flash is low in frequency it has extremely high consequences and people must be protected from this. This led to the development of our STRATA brand and a change in focus on the industries we supply.

Our mission; saving lives from the devastating effects of arc flash.

The foundational pillars of our success today are:

People & Locations

"Great people who care indiscriminately about humanity. Our people want to SAVE LIVES, it influences how they think and what they do."       - Richard Long

Our product design team think about how comfortable our protective clothing range is in all environments whether it be Asia in summer or Alaska in winter. Our technical team ensure that our products are certified to withstand an arc flash and certified to local regulations e.g. Europe and Asia.

Our customer service team ensure that wearers have access to the right products quickly and easily. Distribution and logistics ensure that the right products are dispatched and delivered on time and in full to the location you need whether it be home, hotel, job site or office. 

Our business development team focus not on sales but solutions, using their knowledge to understand your risk level in detail and then tailoring a specific protection programme to meet your needs.

We have more regional offices around the world than ever before and this will continue to grow as we localise in more countries to get close to our customers.

Our Products

Why do people choose SKANWEAR? Customer feedback tells us that our products are integral to the reason they chose SKANWEAR.
"Our passion for quality, function and safety is entwined in to the very fibre of SKANWEAR".
Focusing on the electrical industry enables us to understand in detail the requirements of the companies and people who work within them. We tailor our products around engineers working in the utility sector, oil & gas, marine, engineering, power generation and renewables. These people work in different climates and in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, protection is still required and workwear must be comfortable and functional.


A global safety management and e-ordering tool. Safeline® has been uniquely developed to enable the customer to gain control and ensure a consistency of their protective clothing image and take control of expenditure and products used and by whom. Safeline® also ensures consistency of product compliance and pricing which will also deliver cost savings. 

This provides ability for individuals to order from an approved collection of products 24hours a day from wherever they are in the world and have the products delivered to a location of their choice. This supports our mission of ensuring every person, globally, working with potentially live electricity, has access to the correct electrical safety PPE to protect them from the devastating effects of electric shock and arc flash.

I won’t apologise for the length our story because it is very important to me that you understand what value we add to our customers lives.


Be Safe!

Richard Long
Chief Executive Officer