STRATA® Arc Ladies Hi-Viz Poloshirt (CL.1/ARC2/ATPV 11)


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Introducing our exclusive STRATA® Ladies Arc Hi-Viz Poloshirt, Inherent, lightweight and comfortable. With chevron reflective bands to the torso, arm and shoulder for increased visibility.

Our unique Easi-Arm Gusset Technology gives optimum movement for the wearer.

  • 100% Inherent ARC FR Protection
    The FR protection is woven into the fabric meaning it is permanent.  No matter how many times the garment is worn or washed, the protection level always remains. This results in peace of mind knowing all STRATA® garments will keep engineers safe for the life of the garment and it saves you money reducing the cost per use by not having to keep replacing garments after their chemical protection is washed out.
  • Easi Arm™ Gusset Technology
    The added underarm panel has been fitted and developed to give greater freedom of movement through the sleeve and shoulder for working overhead and on the ground without exposing any skin. 
  • High Stand collar with button fastening
    The high collar is not only modern in look, but produces excellent coverage around the neck when fastened. The less skin exposed the better. 
  • Segmented Reflective Tape
    FR heat applied segmented tape is designed with small spaces between the vertical reflective bands, on knitted fabrics, it moves with the body and not against it meaning engineers can work comfortably and freely with no restriction to the stretch in their garment. Adheres to International Hi-Visibility standard EN20471
  • Standards Badge

    External transfer badge displaying the garments Standards and Arc cal rating

    EBT50 11 cal/cm2 
    Class 1 Category 2
    100% Inherent


    • Inherent Fabric: 54% Modacrylic, 44% Cotton, 2% Anti-Static
    • Collar (Interlining): 50% Melamin Resin, 25% Meta-aramid, 25% Para-aramid
    • Weight: 270 g/m²


    • EN 61482-1-2:2014 Class 1 = 4 kA (4kA) (Electric Arc - Closed Box)
    • EN 61482-1-1:2019 EBT50 11 cal/cm² (ARC Category 2) (Electric Arc - Open Arc)
    • IEC 61482-2:2009, EN 61482-2:2020 EBT50 = 11 cal/cm², APC = 1
    • EEN ISO 11612:2015 A1 A2 B1 C1 F1 (Flame Retardant)
    • EN 1149-5:2018 (Antistatic) 
    • EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 Class 2 (Hi-Visibility)
    • EN 13758-2:2003+A1:2006 (UV Protection)
    • EN ISO 13688:2013 (Protective Clothing) 

    Make your garments last longer by doing the following

    • Your garment should be cleaned regularly.
    • Professional laundering is recommended by a Skanwear approved launderette.
    • Wash separately from non-FR garments.
    • A label with appropriate cleaning instructions is affixed within your garment.
    • Never use a heavily soiled garment.
    • Garments with reflective tape should be washed and dried at a lower temperature
    When not in use store the garment in a dry area away from direct sunlight

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