Arc Ripstop Trousers

Ripstop is a multi-standard, permanently fire resistant that complies with the most demanding international certifications. This fabric was designed to protect from electric arc, large fire deflagrations (flash fire), electrostatic risks and small acid splash risks.

This fabric is laminated to the garments in order to improve outdoor performance. This fabric is certified under EN 343.

Additionally, it offers very good colour-fastness and soundness when presented with light, rubbing and sweat, guaranteeing a long useful life for the garment.

STRATA® ARC Global Trousers (CL.1/ARC2/ATPV 10) - Skanwear®

STRATA® ARC Global Trousers (CL.1/ARC2/ATPV 10)


Product Description Our SFX276 STRATA® Arc Global Trouser is going through a transition period. Images labeled 'Original Style' will phased out int...

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