Arc and FR PPE Leader to Deliver Speech at Wales’ Largest Electrical Seminar

Arc and FR PPE Leader to Deliver Speech at Wales’ Largest Electrical Seminar

A global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality Arc and Flame Personal Protective Clothing has announced its presence at Wales’ largest electrical engineering event, taking place this autumn. Skanwear hopes to raise awareness of Arc Flash Risk and highlight the importance of selecting and wearing suitable arc and FR PPE at the upcoming PALM (Plant Asset Life Management) seminar and exhibition by Hornbill Engineering and Industrial Training.

Representing Skanwear will be the organisation’s Technical Director, Anthony Long. The son of a clothing salesman, Long aims to draw upon his family’s background in clothing and textiles and combine this understanding with his own in-depth knowledge of the electrical industry to deliver a detailed speech delving into the risks of arc flash and the importance of utilising dedicated arc flash PPE to minimise risk and boost workplace safety. Through the speech, Long hopes to provide valuable insider industry knowledge as well as actionable tips that businesses can quickly and easily implement.

Anthony Long

“From talking to our customers, and to those working within high-risk industries, what we’ve found is that arc flash is a bit like a shooting star; people know that it exists, but they never think that they’ll actually see it happen,” says Skanwear’s Anthony Long. “The truth is that while we hope that it won’t happen, arc flash is more common than many people think, and having the right personal protective equipment for the risk really can save a life.

“Having the opportunity to raise awareness of arc flash risk and share what we’ve learned over our 30 years in arc and FR PPE is fantastic, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have been invited to Cardiff to speak at this year’s PALM exhibition.”

Arc flash is caused when contact occurs between energised conductors, and can result in anything from mild burns to life-changing injuries such as hearing loss, blindness, or long lasting trauma. Arc flash injuries can also be fatal. One of the biggest concerns for those working in at-risk environments is that secondary effects of arc flash, such as debris and shrapnel, can often be overlooked. Skanwear’s own brand of arc and flame protective clothing, Strata, is designed to protect the wearer and minimise the chance of injury.

Long will be joined by a number of other industry leaders at the PALM event, which invites prominent names from a broad range of sectors to deliver a comprehensive overview and insight into the current state of the electrical industry. Joining Long will be Schneider Electric’s Paul Brown, Hornbill Engineering’s Daniel Rees, and former DNO policy engineer Phil Hooper.

Long’s speech, titled ‘Arc Flash PPE: Do You or Don’t You Need it?’ is free to attend, and will be delivered in the High Voltage room at Cardiff City Stadium on Tuesday 8th October 2019.

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