Suits you, sir

Suits you, sir

Look good, feel good and be safe!

Combining the style and comfort of a more formal collection of clothing typically worn by sales and service engineers with Electric Arc Flash Protection, Flame Protection and Anti-Static. We have responded to customer demand.  Right now many sales & service engineers or managers / supervisors within the energy & utility industries wear regular polyester or polyester / cotton clothing.

Polyester melts and causes serious body burns!

Arc Flash Burns

Did you know that the heat from an Arc Flash or Fire can radiate through an Arc Flash & FR clothing layer potentially causing severe skin burns depending on the protection layer?

You must not wear melting garment layers in an area where there is the potential to be an Arc Flash incident e.g. substation.  You must wear non-melting garment layers. 

Our new formal clothing Arc Flash & FR clothing collection looks smart enough for sales, service engineers and supervisors/managers to look very presentable in external customer meetings whilst being safe to enter areas of potential hazard without the requirement to change clothes. Look good, feel good and be safe.



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