5 ways that your company will benefit from our Safeline service

Safeline is our global customer web portal which offers each and every one of our customers a fully integrated online ordering system, making it easier than ever for companies and individuals to find the protective garments relevant to their industry and job roles.

You may have heard of Safeline, but are you aware of the specific benefits of using the service? Read on to find out how incorporating Safeline into your business can offer a plethora of advantages for your workforce. 

Safeline® Home Screen

It gives each member of your workforce their own domain

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to supplying their workforce with protective gear is ensuring that everybody gets the right size and equipment for their specific needs and role.

This challenge is alleviated with the help of Safeline, which gives every member of a workforce their own login and password that they can use to order their individual safety clothing and PPE. Engineers will be able to choose from a plethora of products, all of which have been approved.

You can access it at any time

You never know when a member of your team is going to require a new garment for a task, so it’s important that you are able to order gear as and when you need it. Safeline is accessible 24/7 and can also be navigated in a number of different languages.

You can trace what’s been ordered 

When it comes to ordering protective gear, one of the most important things is safety and tractability. You need to know who’s had what on your team, and also when they received it. Safeline allows you to monitor all of your orders extensively, ensuring that you know what each and every member of your team has been supplied with over a chosen date range.

It offers detailed reports 

Safeline features vast reporting facilities and also includes detailed product information. Use the portal to track individual spend, depot spend, product style and much more.

It gives you full control

It’s important that managers are able to have the appropriate levels of control over goods that are being ordered. With Safeline you are able to set authorisation levels so that members of your team can order goods with your permission.

For further information on Safeline 2.0 and how it could help your business contact our Safeline 2.0 Lead Alister at

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