Read The Latest SKANWEAR SPARX Issue 3

Read The Latest SKANWEAR SPARX Issue 3

CLICK HERE: SPARX Issue 3 Out Now!

Keep up to date on SKANWEAR as we continue to move forward at a breath taking pace!

  • Hot news from the Finance and Sales team + new MD
  • Full story on our Bright SPARXS team completing the Mudnificent 7 course in aid of the Electrical Industries Charity
  • Skanwear Academy – Looking at our Arc Flash Myths, Facts and Folklore
  • Skanwear engagement – Charity events, EMA & OHLEX recap and New Faces
  • STRATA® – Womenswear, Prosthetic Leg Garment and Garment Spotlight
  • Friends of STRATA®
  • Your Feedback – Customer Services and Safeline

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